About the network

The aim of this network is to exchange and develop experience and competence among professionals.

The target group is not just psychologists (if we were that narrow we might also distinguish between different types of psychologists), but all staff members working with and interested in the mental development of the visually impaired.

The work of the involved persons might include a broad range including

  • Assessment on various life stages
  • Counselling and guidance (concerning social psychological development)
  • Neuropsychological issues
  • Rehabilitation, understood as the mental process
  • Therapeutic approach
  • Visual impairment and emotional disorders (Autism)
  • Visual impairment and psychiatric disorders

Those of us working with the above mentioned are often a minority, either at the old institutions for the visually impaired or working in a more inclusive setting. This means that many of us work alone or have a rather small group to whom we refer concerning professional matters. Compared to large areas like education, rehabilitation, technology, aids, appliances, mobility and eye diseases we are easily overlooked.

This calls for a European network. One of the outcome of such a network might be a European workshop on increased corporation.

But first I want to outline the field. Who is working where and with what? And is there an interest in this idea?

Hope to hear from you. Please join our network by filling out this join the network form

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