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  • Low Vision Rehabilitaion. A practical guide for Occupational Therapists.
  • Mitchell Scheimann, Maxine Scheimann, Stephen G.Wittaker, USA, 2006
  • Ordinary Families, Special Children. A Systems Approach to Childhood Disability. Milton Seligman, Rosalyn Benjamin Darling. The Guilford Press, New York – London, 2007
  • Heller, M.A., Ballesteros, S.: Touch & Blindness
  • Tuttle, D. W.& Tuttle, N.R. (1996). Self-esteem and adjusting with blindness. The process of responding to life's demands. Springfield: Charles C. Thomas Publishers.
  • Dodds, Allan. Rehabilitating blind and visually impaired people: a psychological approach. London: Chapman & Hall, 1993. ISBN 0 412 46970 7
  • Carroll, Thomas J. Blindness. What it is, what it does and how to live with it. Boston: Little, Brown & Co, 1961.
  • Magee, B. & Milligan, M. Sight unseen. London: Phoenix House, 1995. ISBN 0753805030
  • Niemann, Sandy; Jacob, Namita; Broner, Heidi. Hesperian, Helping Children Who Are Blind. Foundation, 2000
  • A. Spitz, M.D. in collaboration with W. Godfrey Cobliner. The First Year of Life. A Psychoanalytic Study of Normal and Deviant Development of Object Relations:  New York: International Universities Press, Inc., 1965
  • Sletteberg, Odd; Torstein Bertelsen; Gunnar Høvding: The prognosis of patients with hysterical  visual impairment, I: Acta ophthalmologica nr. 67, 1989, s. 159-163, Bergen, Norge, 1989 (5 s.) Placering: K4127 Pro
  • Scheinfeld, Daniel R.: The Cambodian refugees in America, I: New Beginnings. A guide to designing parenting programs for refugee and immigrant parents, Eric Clearing House for Urban Education, USA, (2 s., ill.) Placering: K4127 Cam
  • Barnard, Simon: Visual Conversion Reaction in Children, London, UK, 1996 (4 s., litt.) Placering: K4129 Vis


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