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ECPVI in Heidelberg 2012

Successful psychology conference in Heidelberg

Again we may conclude that the 4th European Conference on Psychology and Visual Impairment has been a resounding success. The 4th conference was held in Heidelberg on 29-30 of March.70 participants from 21 European countries. We had 3 keynote speakers, two from Europe and one from The United States.

Presentations from Hedelberg 2012

Speaker                            Links to presentations                                                                                       
Hans-Werner Wahl Ageing Well in the European Context: Research and Practice Lessons from Age-related Vision Impairment
Joan B. Chase How Psychological Profiles Differ in Ss with Varying Eye Diagnoses
Irina Volkova  The importance of Vygotsky’s teachings for modern psychology of the blind
Martin Pinquart What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye – Intimate Relationships of Adolescents with and Without Visual Impairment
Beata Pronay How is BOS Blind Working in Hungary?
Leo Delaet Different views and perspectives in early intervention.
Vera Heyl 1 Modes of Self-Regulation and Affect in Older Adults with Age-Related Visual Impairment
Vera Heyl 2 Attitudes towards Inclusion of Visually Impaired Students
Mathijs Vervloed Emotion Recognition and Visual Impairment
Vedrana Kobas Self-Concept in Adolescents with and without Visual Impairment

Joan Curran

Conducting valid assessments with children who have complex disabilities including visual impairment
Bea de Haar Using assessment to increase work possibilities for people with a visual impairment
Anette Ingsholt Inclusion for all An Illusion or a Reality?
Justyna Korzeniewska Psychological Support Group (PSG) for Blind and Deafblind
Elisabeth Rainho Fotos of Institut ARAMAVClinique du BelvédèreNîmes
Ruth van Nispen Prevalence of depression and vulnerability factors among visually impaired older adults
Peter Rodney 1 Barriers for participation
Peter Rodney 2 How the psycho-social implications hinder access to the labour market?
Timea Hokova Attitudes of the slovak students of special education towards people with visual impairment a pilot study
Marlena Plavsic Relationship between self-esteem of university students and their attitudes towards employment of VI persons
Marjolein Dik CTI ?Tactual Information Processing Impairments in blind children born very prematurely
Blaithin Gallagher 1 Education Initiative Visually Impaired Women Against breast CancerOverview about the project, objectives and activities
Blaithin Gallagher 2 Mobility of older people with vision loss.
Peter Verstraten Projects on Ageing People with Visual Impairment in Europe
Jelena Pensa Galian Role of psychologist within psychosocial rehabilitation programme for adult VI
Ans Withagen  No presentation available
Ann Backman No presentation available
Knut Brandsborg No presentation available
Danielle Huijsmans No presentation available



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